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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  December 24, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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won't be a white christm here in washington after l, but it m be a white christmas weekend. good evening, i'm dore gentzler. jim vanceas the nht off tonight. we've been tracking this massive storm system all we, but it looks like we might catch a bre thtime. eteorogist veronica johnson is in the storm center wi the very latest. hey, veronica. >> hey, doreen. we spent the week litelly agonizing over wt the storm would d and now it looks like th track will far enougho the east. wre talking about a little bit of flurries tomorrow and our snow chance is best on sunday. a conversational sn for u it's comingthrough west virgia right n, but the main energy of the strm systemot yet to the coast yet. there you can see theig snows coming throgh the rthwest, snowsracking onward, so or christmas day, here is my forecast. flurries for tevening, maiy west of i-91, a a dustingest and south of c. by sunday
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morning bu it is sunday afternoon and sunday eveni where i think latehere could be some accumulating snow. you cansee where it is east. ocean city could get an inch and we could see maybe a half-inch in so of th cities south of u i'll tell you where in just a little bit. >> see you in a few minutes. thanks, veronica. an 84ear-old woman is fighting f her lfe tonight after brutal attack and robbery in takoma park just beforechristmas. it happen wednesday inthe parking lot of a grocery sre on the 6800 bloc of new hampshire avenue. jack bensen has the ory. >> reporter: it does not get much lower than gging a great-grdmoth justefore christmas. -year-old dorothpafarthing shod be spending her christmas with her grand-granddaughter. instead she'sn a hospital fighting f her life. >> she turns in four weeks. shwas looking forward t that
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event. t now she'sealing with injurie that have tan away hat independence she loved so much. we were plannin for her turning 85. and now it'surned in something different. >> poli say it happened wednesday at noon in the parking lot of the spping center. she was t from bhind hard. she fll between twoarked crs and laid theren the ground with broken bones and lacetionsuntil a passers-by fod her. detectives are wrking through christmas eve, but they don't have much go on. theyote the robber tok a distinct totebag that the victiused as a pse. >> the tote bais descbed as a canvas bag, ivory i color, and it says u.s. census on it. it may y u.s. census 2000. >> for dorothy farthing's
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family, it's no longer about christmas. it's about praying for a woman whose innocence and indepdence was taken from her. >> i don't know how someone does is to someone who is ved and obviously cared for. we need to find thisperson. >> detectiv are goinghrough camera footfootage, but it is aw process. they're hoping meone will give them informaon to keep this from happening to someoneelse's grand-grandmoth grand-grandmother. a teenager in a stable condion after being rescued from a buo the girl went looking for her lost cl phone and fell abou 30 feet. theother called for he. paramedics, firefighters and a spial rescue team worked together to help pull he ut. the girl was airlifted to nearby trauma center. she's been treated for ypothermia an possible bk injuries. ahite christmas is eating travel headaches across
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the country. sno threatening the east coast is drivg hundreds of flight cancellations. deta has already grounded 300 airplanes out of atlanta starting tomorrow. customers whe flhts may be affected by the winter weather mamake one-time changes to their flights witut extra fs. continental, united and airtran are also waiving penalties. passengers are urged to check their flight status before headin to the airport. offials say there is some intelligencendicating terrists may use the contains to conceal explosives. they are warning travele to dergo more scrutiny of containers at th chckpoints. the contners are n banned but could lead to additional screening. we're less than an hour before christmas, andhe christmas rush is still under way on line.
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2300 mamericans hit the stes today. ey predict holiday spending will hit $451 billion this year. that wld be the best holiday shpping for retails since 2007. till, the biggest shopping day could be just ound the corner, the week after christmas accounts for more tha % of holiday spending. you're looking to get o of the house tomorrow, you'ren luck. from stores to restaurants and rs and evenourist attractions, lots of place around hereill be openon christmas d. news4's john shriffen has more onwhich localestablhments plan to open thei doors morrow. >> reporter: at dupont circle the bustling kitch will be open at 12:00 noo the steaming mus sells will be serve until the customers stop coming. but because therare so few options on thursday,anagemt expects be open unt midnigh >>i think it's crazy.
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we're theargest city, it seems like, and everything should be open, but it's not >> more and more restaurants are steppi up to the ple. if fresh seafood isn't your thing, theyill be sk up italian food and for fresh seafood, mccormick and shaits is for you. giant and feway permarkets will bothave more than 100 stores open across the washington region. there are also activities too with the mily. at the bo tan cal gardens, there are more tha just prey flowers on display. >> we have the iry tower, the taj mahal, so you n take a tr arounthe world without a passport. >> belive itr not, if you ed toet your haircuhe diamond district barber shop will be open on christmas day. stting at 10:30 in the morning, they'll have not jst one, o, three, but four barbers on hand to mak sure everyone is loong good. in our mmunity, a lot of people have christmas parties, so they'll come in at night
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after the gif are open and the kids are asleep. they ill need to look fresh so we'll be here. >> once yoreet to head t, ting is holding a christmas party on their deck to say thank you their customers. >> we tught maybe after all that, they would maybe wan t go somewhere and unwind. we're actually doing free admission and cplemenry open baror an hour. just freedrinks for veryon >> for more options on chrimas, just co over to our wesite, n click the key words, what's happening. diggin out of a mud mess after mudslides hit nthern calornia. and it's been a chrimas tradition in washington for the pas 25 years. the original waterskng santa is taking a fal bow. dan,hat's up in sports? >> doreen, how abou a little
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christs eve sports drama. a pair of wizards apparently raded punes at a nitclub. karl shanahan has some curus comments about the
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it wasn't just for that moment. but it was for all time. >> millions of christians around the nation are taking part in christmas eve service right ow. this is the live piure of the service under way at the basilica of the nationalhrine here in d.c. the mssot under way about a half hour ago by t pal ambassador to the u.s. omorrow's noon service will be
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led by rdinal donald whirl. he walked throughst. peters balica with body guards nearby. in the past two ars, a woman tried to attack the pope during the same procession. there s also tighter security toght due to two bombings yesterday at embassies inrome. the pope talked abt how the promise of peace brought by jesus' birth has y to be fulfille palestinian president was among other people of faith at the midnight mas it was held in bethlehem. that churcwas built on the site where it is believed that jesus was born. tonight's homily cald for more dialogue between muslims a jews. they were at the bas in iraq tay and made it full of
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chr. hristmas trees are up and servic men and women had holiday hats t we. it's a similar scene at camp phoenix in kabul afghanistan where troops spent t y carolling and visiting with o st.nick. they were also treated to a special holiday meal. many hpe this wil be their st christmas away from home and families. sti ahead tonight, a security scare near the president's holiday home in hawaii. there is more information abou that tonight. plus, we'll show you how a tro worker is spreading plenty of christmas eer undergro
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a 71-year-old ginsberg man has died after fire broke out this aernoon. it happened about2:30 on travis court. when a crew arrived, neighbors said they believed sobody was
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trapped onhe second floor. he man was plled out and taken to a hospal where hedied. a policemann the scene was so tak to theospital for smoke halation. the is more information tonight aut the securitscare in the president'vacation home in hawaii. a man allegedly on theun from pole drove right into a cret service checkpoint. it happened ysterday in hlua. police sprinted toward him and immediately arrested him rodriguez is accused of trying to flee from authoritieson an unreality id unreted incident. people in cifornia are trying to cope after a week of storms damaged homes and businesses. ten counties have declared stas of emergency. that is a big mess. >> and it was a big storm that just sat an t, and hardo believe that for most of the east, it'not going to do a
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heck o a whole lot. >> we' happy to hear that news. >> new england mightet it the worst on sunday andmonday, but not here. we're only talkingbout wee bit o snw, not too much. hey, i'm going to srt my weather, though, with a highly reested piece of vio. not b the little kids but by the big kids, believe it or not. >> oh, he on the way, huh? >>yeah, they wand to see this. thiis norad san trker. actually, i think theig kids wanted tosee if he had been by their house yet. th aren't sure if they've been badr good. 's be busy alreaaking his rounds from the north pole to india and ina. eventuallye'll get here,nd hopefully he' have some presents for you. our high today, 41degrees. today another d below average. e've only had three ds this month with a high tempature that's been at or above average.
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which, ironically enoh, it loo asthough for the final, final da of this month and the year, we might end it on a littlesbit an up note. that's a good thing, becase we've got storm coming before the year over. 33 the temperature. the ind, north/nortest at nine, so your wind chill at 29 degrees. fairfax coty and around srling, 30. 27, manass, 30 in clion. factor in the wind and it's bringing the temperare down by about 5 to drees across the ea. so wind chill ratings in the mi20s right now. look at all tis col air. not just throug theeast and the central ption of the nation, t over a large part o the nation, most of it, in fact. 35 salt lake city, denver at 24 bel freezing, wichita. jacksonville, florida rightow 34 deges. that's why we'retalking about spots in the deep south could have some rare snow comg to them on chrisas day.
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atlanta, georgia, there could be some snow just nor around rome and atens. then as that system heads to the ea where there is a wnter storm watch rght now the adirondacks,orth carolina, cld see a lile light snow outf this. three to six inches in the purple, so that's kentuky and areas around tennessee. tw irchnches in chicago and peoa has about four ches of snow. ght up the coast. nday m get quiet but we'll get a coatin o someerylight snow, maybe aninch. around culpepper cld have a halfo an inch. south to fdericksburg y have a little bit of snow. but bo oh, boy,t's gng to get really, rlly windy around here sunday afternoon and ging into monday. fo tomorrow, to 37 degrees your christmas day recast, and
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35 on sunday. little bit of white stuff coming through. a lot of wind, and take a look at new year's eve right now. friday aft a d of rain, t rain should be ending on friday stroke of midnig, from 40s to 30 >> okay. that sounds good. nothing tointerfre wi the big guy's travels tonigh no. >> merry christmas, verica. >> you, too. >> thanks. coming u in sports, defee is in short
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litt sports o christs eve, but no shortage on
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controversy, huh? >> do have the redskins to talk out, so shld i do that now or wait till the end? >> go ahead. >> the jaguars'est player, maurice drew, ll not plang, either. jaguars are a favorite over the redskins. n for the drama one day after donovancnabb's fice secured shanahan, in a press release, shanahan respded, saying mcnabb's accusatio are inaccurat mcnabb suggested altering the offense, and he said that mcnabb would nevr take another snap fr himagain. shanahan acknoedged the remarks after pacticetoday. >> tat is almost entertaing king donovan about that. he n i remember that conversation. to hear that we had a differt offense for x is a joke, so i
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on't kw who he is talking about and is inaccurate. when you work with soone ery day like i do with donan, we've been with each oth for seven months at least, been around each other, never oce had a confrontation, and to hear stuff like i heard i a little surprising. i called donovan on the phone and had a conveation with him to find out what this is about, and when talked to donovan, he said heidn't say any of that, and i said, your agent did which is you. he said he didn't aee with that, those words didn't ce out of his mouth, and all i can go off is what donovan told me. we never had a confrontation all year, ver had an argument, erything has be good, never been anytng like that. >> that was kyle shanahan's weekly interview with ccast
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sportsfan. you ju think, why did i say anything. mcnb's agent iued another statement saying he andcnabb were on the sam page when asked about differing accounts, but mcnabb just laughed and wished reporters mer christmas. tngs n so merryor the wizarff the court these days. accordingto the "washington st," ty were involved in an altercation with each other insidand outside of a nightclubhursda night. the post reports that punches were thro. it also says blatch denied the fight in a pressreort. the hawaii bowl. there arworse places to be on chstmas eve. isn'that gorgeous? second quarter,ulsa up 17-7. hawaii quarterback sayinghis ain't fun. intercepte by cornelius nack, his sond intercepti of the game and he's taken to the
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house. 54ards for the touchdown hawaii. ive interceptions inhe first half. second half, the offense is getting cranked up. demarius hnson, 45 yards for the toudown. lsa is on top 48-28. so we did sqeze a little sports in there. sorry about that. >> way to go, dan. thanks. still head, san ridi the waves, celebrating his 25th christmas
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> he may be busy delivering giftsight now, but earlier today santa was out on e waves. he took a break from his sleigh riding totrap on some water skis withfriends. this w st. nick's 25th year ridi the posititomacpotomac. it was also h farewell. >> i feel i've had a wderful time on my joney. it's something we've all enjoyed ing. i will say, however is bitterset, but i'm looking rward to my retirent.
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>> so what's next for waterskiing sant next christmas he says he plans to be hanging out under palm tree sowhere. christmas is a ti for family and traditions, and for some d.c. residents, their christmas tradition is a day of service. hundred of volunteers with the d.c. jewish community center gathered rougho the city today as part othe orgization's decber 24th day of service. volunteers are collting non-perishable food and clothing donatis including shoes and warm coats, cooking meals and baking treats. drivers in the dirict a getting an early and welcome christmas gi free parking. d.c.'s department of public works sys it will not tick drivers with expired meters on christmas day. theare also temporarily suspendi residential a rush suspendi residential a rush hour parkingoƱiƱ
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call 877-242-usaa.
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metro is i the holiday spirit. ke a look at the kiosk athe farragut mtro west station. this emplee spends r own money to decorate the staon entrance. she's hding out toys and sweets to pasengers. this year she handsut train whistlesand candy canes. she's worktd with metro for 24 years. s's been putting out corations for 22 yea and bright niening up thattation little bit. merry christmas to al of you. stay tuned for our christmas eve servicat the basilca in me. thank you for joining us. now, a special cistmas presentation from nbc news.


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